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By Brit

I recently discovered the magazine Flow, a magazine for paper lovers with full of ideas, beautiful art work, inspiring stories and fun projects. The magazine is split into four sections, each indicated by a fold-out tab: Feel connected – about family, relationships and the wider world, Live mindfully – about living consciously and being aware of the moment, Spoil yourself – with gadget tips, recipes, inspiration and so on, and Simplify your life – with practical solutions that can make life easier. Leafing through any edition is an experience in itself. Each issue also contains little gifts, such as labels, pennants, postcards, sheets of paper, illustrations to color in and window stickers; a real treasure trove with stunning graphics and beautiful illustrations. The story behind Flow Magazine is quite incredible. Two Dutch journalists were mulling over what kind of magazine they wanted to read, when they realized that such a magazine didn’t exist. So they created it and within just a few years they were reaching several hundred thousand readers, first in the Netherlands and Belgium, then in the rest of Europe and around the world. However, Flow is about more than just paper but a lovely inspiration source of happiness. Have a look inside…

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What a lovely sounding magazine, I shall take a look.

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