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By Brit

Do you love chocolate and the City of Light ? Then, you have to read Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas. I met Amy about two years ago in Paris via her blogs God I love Paris and Sweet Freak and we became friends. She is now back in New York and wrote a book about her sweet discoveries in Paris {and also New York}. Yesterday, I went to her wonderful book launch party and it was exciting to listen to her reading. I love her writing style, it’s fresh and enjoyable and as a stranger in the city as well it’s so interesting to see the city through her eyes. Amy covers many of my favorite sweet spots but even after more than 15 years in Paris, she makes me spotting new places. So if you like Paris, chocolate, macarons, cupcakes & co., this is your book ! Thank you Amy for this sweet bliss…
Photos via Hip Paris

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Dear Britta, Thank you for giving me Amy’s book! I started in Friday night after getting back from Paris and finished it last night! I was too tired to do much more than unpack, start some laundry, watch the chickens pecking in the yard, and read her wonderful book by the fire. Loved it!! xox Sue

I am happy that you like the book. It was the perfect moment to give it to you just after your stay in Paris ;o)

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