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By Brit

Spring is not only the revival of nature but also a new beginning for inspirations. So as me with my latest creation which represents a jellyfish made of a doily and different wool, linen and lurex yarns. The idea was born recently during a sunny day at the ocean discovering some jellyfish that stranded on the beach. I was always fascinated by jellyfish because they look so graceful with their long tentacles moving slowly in the water like a ballet.
I was just creating some stamped crocheted ornaments and suddenly I had a kind of flash in my mind : why not using a doily as the body of a jellyfish and some yarns for the tentacles ? Thought and done.
I loved to realize my inspiration and I was so excited to see the finished creation.
And the result was up to my expectations : a bohemian creation that reminds of the ocean and warm breezy summer days.
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