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By Brit

A few weeks ago, the German lifestyle magazine we love living asked me whether I would be interested in a photo shooting of my apartment. What a question, you bet! We love living is one of my favorite magazines sharing the same philosophy of life as me. It’s a real treasure trove of all things beautiful which are part of our everyday life, filled with home sweet home stories of folks like you and me who love their four walls and a huge abundance of creative ideas – simply a lovely inspiration source of happiness. No sooner said than done: A few weeks later, Shanti, one of the wonderful photographers of the magazine came all the way from Copenhagen to spend hours and hours taking pictures of my little cocoon and my tomcat Plume who was the star of the day. It was an exciting experience that I wanted to share with you in this post. If you would like to see more you can read my complete home story in the actual issue of we love living.
we_love_livingwe love living, 3/2015
Photos: Shanti Broeng

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How exciting for you!! I am definitely heading over to the magazine to see more of your lovely apartment. Will email soon. Take care xox

Hallo, ich habe Deine tolle Wohnung in der we love living entdeckt und bin darüber auf Deinen Blog und Etsy Shop gestoßen. Deine kleinen Kreationen sind wunderschön und spiegeln genau den Stil Deiner Wohnung wieder. Bravo !!!

Bravo!!Très joli reportage!

Wonderful! What a great cozy place to live in!

Magnifique ! Je suis fière de toi ! 🙂

How exciting, it looks gorgeous!

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