{ london mystery }

By Brit

London is always an eye candy or me. During every trip, I am gathering so many impressions and even the smallest detail grabs my interest. I would like to invite you to experience my latest daytrip through these little snapshots. And there is even a little surprise: the one who discovers most of the places shown in my photo collage will win a little Xmas gift. So, let’s rack your brains {deadline will be next Sunday} !

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Maybe :
Neal’s Yard ?
Liberty’s ?
Covent Garden ?
Your photos are gorgeous but sorry I ‘m not very perspective…

Hi Britta, is each little picture a different place?

Hi Margaret,
Besides pictures 5+6, each little picture is a different place ;o)
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday in London.
Good luck !

Loving your London images. It was fun to think of you there while we ate our Thanksgiving dinner. xox

I love your photos. There is sure Jubilee Market at Borough Market, Neal’s Yard Dairy maybe also at the Borough Market or at Covent Garden and Morgan & Megan (I saw the hint on your Bonjour Friday post ;o). The other photos are too difficult to attribute to the right plances, I am not from London. Happy 1st of Advent !

And the lucky winner is… Linda who discovered 3 of the places : Melrose & Morgan, Neal’s Yard Diary and Borough Market. Congrats Linda ! Please send me your postal address per email and my little surprise will arrive soon to you.
There are also : Daylesford Organics, Flask Walk in Hampstead and the window display at Chelsea Textiles.

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