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By Brit

I love to personalize clothes and accessoires to give them that little something that makes things unique and original. Today I stamped a gray linen scarf with star motifs. Potatoe stamping is an easy way to realize wonderful projects. Use small cookie cutters, some good-size potatoes and dye-based ink. No sooner said than done, that’s what it looks like.

{ Method }

Place the cookie cutter on a table, cutting side up. Center the potato over the cutter and press the cutter at about 1/2 inch into the potato. Cut the excess potato flesh with a kitchen knife away from the cookie cutter. Once the excess potato is removed, pull out the cookie cutter. Before inking and stamping wipe each surface of the potatoe dry with a towel. If you’re working on fabric you have to use dye-based ink. Once you stamped your motif, let the ink dry. After drying, put a cloth on the stamped surface and iron over it to fix the color.

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So simple with such a beautiful result!
Such a fun project
Carla x

Thank you Carla, xo

Very nice!! Putting useful things we learned during our childhood to goog use today – such as potato stamping ;o)

What a fun idea to do with my grand-daughter. Thanks for sharing

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