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By Brit

I came across this wonderful looking Swedish book Naturlig inredning by Anna Örnberg and already fell in love even if I only saw a few pages. I love all things made with natural materials. I cannot leave a beach without collecting driftwood and seashells and I am always gathering treasures like birchbark, acorns, leaves… in the woods. It’s so lovely to create great decoration objects with the beauty and bounty of Mother Nature. So I am sure this book is a great source of inspiration. I already checked if it’s available at Amazon or The Book Depository, but unfortunately without success. Does anybody know a website that ships internationally ?  Have a great weekend !
Photos via me and alice & Hem och Lyck

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Looks beautiful Britta! I hope you are well. A book launch – what fun!

Happy weekend, Stephie x

Hello Britta

This book has only been reprinted in German “Natürlich einritten” – but in that version you can get it via AMAZON.COM.
As well as these titles:

The book that was published this last spring will also be translated to English and to French, för release in 2014

Glad you liked it!
Anna the author

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