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By Brit

During my stay in Copenhagen, I bought one of the famous wooden ducklings of Hans Bølling. The Ducks are reminiscent of Danish spring, with mother ducks waltzing proudly around Copenhagen with their young ducklings. One particular spring in 1959 branded this image into the minds of the Danish population, as during the busy days in Frederiksberg a policeman found the time to stop the traffic in order to let a young Duck family pass. It was an extraordinary and meaningful event to the by passers to the point that all the newspapers published a famous photograph of the ducks. This captured moment encapsulates the Danish attention to nature and detail and the ability to appreciate small everyday miracles. Inspired by the charming Duck family, Hans Bølling hence designed a pair of small wooden Duck figures, whose souls carry the essence of peaceful and harmonious Danish spring.

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Ach ist die süß……!

Sehr süß! Das Poster habe ich mir nach unserem Wochenende direkt gekauft. Muss nur noch eingerahmt werden :o)

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