{ daily gratitude }

By Brit

Today I received an email from Squam informing me about their ephemeral gratiful journal a place to write each day five things you are grateful for. I am enchanted about this wonderful idea. You can choose between the beach fence, the mushrooms, and the spider web journal but hurry up, they are only available for one more week. The squam store will feature only one item per month; an exclusive, handmade item by one of the many artists of this creative community. These offerings will be limited editions made available for a short time only. And what a lovely dictum for this wonderful idea…

“gratitude can transform
common days into Thanksgivings,
turn routine jobs into joy
and change ordinary opportunitites
into blessings.”

{  ~william arthur ward ~ }

Squam is a lake, a gathering, a community. In 2008, Squam Art Workshops had is first gathering in New Hampshire on the shores of Squam Lake but soon became known simply as “squam.” In that sense, the word meant a gathering of people who love all things creative. In essence, squam is hopeful, open-hearted and passionately committed to having fun, being goofy, diving in, singing out, and seeking beauty in our daily life.

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today i am grateful for people like you, and your generous and encouraging support! 🙂

wow! thank you so so much– it feels so good to be seen and my word, do you have a beautiful blog!

xoxoxo bisous, e

this is so near me and i did not know of it – thank you for sharing!

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