{ paris, my sweet }

By Brit

Do you love chocolate and the City of Light ? Then, you have to read Paris, My Sweet by Amy Thomas. I met Amy about two years ago in Paris via her blogs God I love Paris and Sweet Freak and we became friends. She is now back in New York and wrote a book about her sweet discoveries in Paris {and also New York}. Yesterday, I went to her wonderful book launch party and it was exciting to listen to her reading. I love her writing style, it’s fresh and enjoyable and as a stranger in the city as well it’s so interesting to see the city through her eyes. Amy covers many of my favorite sweet spots but even after more than 15 years in Paris, she makes me spotting new places. So if you like Paris, chocolate, macarons, cupcakes & co., this is your book ! Thank you Amy for this sweet bliss…
Photos via Hip Paris



{ serendipity }

By Brit

Serendipity is not only my favorite word but also a lovely kids universe in Paris. The store is a modern Aladdin’s cave with an industrial touch where lovely items are waiting to be discovered. The store is filled with original little artworks to transform a kids room in a real fairy wonderland. And not only kids will be enchanted about the lace lamps of Jeanne Notari, fabric owls and bird houses from Tamar Mogendorff, ceramic boards of French Designer Bis Morgen and much more other items that make hearts beat faster.



{ fuel for your creative minds }

By Brit

Today, I went to the fair Creations & Savoir-Faire of the magazine Marie Claire Idées. There were so many stands with wonderful supplies to realize your craziest creative ideas. If you are in Paris, the fair runs until tomorrow. Get inspired !



{ bonjour friday }

By Brit

Happy Friday to you !



{ i love paris in the summertime }

By Brit

Today, I would like to invite you to discover some of my favorite places in Paris. In the mood for following my path in this wonderful city that is Paris? Enjoy!

{ Mamie Gâteaux }
… for the retro homey « grandma’s kitchen » charm, its next door old-fashioned grocery store and junk-shop

{ Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur }

… for the typical Parisian flair and the delicious brioches pralinées.
{ La Cocotte }
… for the abundance of food-themed books.
{ Le Petit Atelier de Paris }
… for its lovely simple and pure ceramic items
{ L’Objet qui parle }
… for its tiny cabinet of curiosities style
{ Merci }
…for the concept store, it’s cozy used book café, the cantine the flower shop
{ Tombée du camion }
… for all this curious retro stuff « fell off the back of a truck »
{ La Droguerie }
… for its large choice of haberdashery for craft projects
{ Place Monge Market }
… for my old neighborhood spot, a pure personal nostalgic affair
{ Place des Petits-Pères }
… for that special mood of Paris of yesteryear and the nearby covered passage Galerie Vivienne



{ cozy morning at sugarplum }

By Brit

I started the day with a delicious breakfast at the Sugarplum Cake Shop with Amy from God I love Paris and Sweet Freak. We both had a warm cinnamon bun, a comforting treat for this cold December day, yummy!