{ tunnbröd chips }

By Brit

Did you every hear about tunnbröd chips ?
Me neither until one day {as a Scandi lover of lagom, fika, hygge & co}, I got the chance to taste one of those delicious Swedish treasures from the Mörsjö Deli a Swedish company settled down in the little town Östersund in the Jämtland region in central Sweden. The lifestyle of this region, which respects nature and the environment, has inspired the company to start its business promoting healthy food of superior quality focusing on Scandinavian culture and creative products in order to merge tradition and contemporary needs.

Their tunnbröd chips {flatbread crisps} originate from the food traditions of the region of Jämtland. Flat bread has been baked for thousands of years in the north of Sweden. In every village there was a woman who was a specialist in baking flatbread. Knowledge of food craft taught on from mother to daughter for generations. In the north of Sweden because of the climate, only the barley could be produced. That’s why the traditional flatbread chip is based on this cereal with low level of gluten and ferments. The harsh climate makes that harvests were often small and the people were poor. Nothing was wasted and they recycled everything possible to eat. When the flatbread was too old and dry, they brushed the bread with oil and baked it again in the oven.

Mörsjö Deli tunnbröd chips based on the idea to re-use and develop the old traditions. The idea behind flatbread chips arrived when a girl who was asked to bring snacks to a party and she did as her mother and her grandmother had done for many years; reused the old flatbread with oil and baked over again and with a little seasoning it became an instant success!

The philosophy of Mörsjö Deli is to keep things simple and everything is made by hand. There are no additives and no GMO. There are different varieties of tunnbröd chips, from salty, cheesy and nacho flavored to sweet and chocolaty with a hint of salt. Every variety is simply delicious and original. You can accompany them perfectly with dips or as a delicious cookie alternative for fika. I love this old Swedish tradition of re-using flatbread, introducing it to our modern lifestyle and creating a tasty and healthy snack that is a must eat for food lovers.



{ swedish simplicity }

By Brit

The wonderful Swedish blog Basiclabel*Sweden is always so inspiring.



{ norwegian summer nostalgia }

By Brit

I wish I could be in this wonderful Norwegian summer retreat right now.  The Swiss-style villa in Esviken was built in 1872. The property, unfortunately neglected over the years, is situated in the woods of Asker near Oslo and is part summer house, part art gallery. Architect Kristin Ellefsen, working for the foundation Stillscape, transformed it and created a cultural meeting point.Photos via Nina Dreyer Hensley & Jim Hensley/ InteriørMagasinet no.4 2009



{ quirky and creative }

By Brit

Insight of the quirky home of Silje Aune Eriksen, a Norwegian interior designer.



{ nordic home }

By Brit

Wonderful home of Norwegian interior designer Monica Bromseth.
Photos via Norskeinteriorblogger



{ home of an artist }

By Brit

This is the lovely home of Norwegian ceramist Maria Øverbye, an old school house from 1893 located in Oslo. Maria creates odd little creatures made of plaster and metal wire.



{ love warriors }

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Came across the lovely shop & blog of Love Warriors. Love Warriors are treasure-hunters travelling the world to find unique items and hidden gems in corners of the world forgotten by others. They create their own design, born to life where recycled materials from demolitions, flooring, boats, doors, glass and oil drums meet fresh linen, supple leather, natural materials like shells & sandstone as well as refined & hand-crafted ceramics.



{ nygårdsanna }

By Brit

Do you know the lovely Swedish clothing brand nygårdsanna ? I discovered the brand a few years ago during a stay in Sweden and fell in love. I love their concept, pure and simple clothes in a range of colours that is inspired by nature. nygårdsanna only uses natural materials and handicraft skills of the highest quality. Their clothes are understated and should never outshine the wearer with the belief that no garment is complete until someone wears it – until it belongs to someone. Garments are made to be used, to become worn, to acquire a patina and also to be repaired. Also the clothes suit different body shapes and are designed to be combinable. Although they are completely different, there is a clear line of thinking that links them. Swedish photographer Carl Bengtsson perfectly captured the spirit of the brand, his pictures are dreamy and daring, showing poetry and pensiveness with a precise eye for what’s trendy.nygardsannA few weeks ago nygårdsanna opened its online store and is finally available in Europe. To celebrate this opening the brand is offering an organic cotton bag for 5 of my readers. The paint print on the bag is showing an unshaped square with the text “you always fit in somewhere”, the device of Nygårds Anna. If you would like to get one of these beautiful bags, please leave a comment. The winner will be drawn on 31st March and notified by email. Also, nygårdsanna is offering a discount of 15% for one purchase at its online store until 31st March for My Black Book readers with the promo code “welcome“. Good luck !



{ happy new year }

By Brit

The Danish toy company Maileg was so kind to send me some advent calendars that I would love to share with you. Ok, the advent time is over but there is nothing to be said against a little treat in January to work against the post Christmas blues.  When I saw their lovely items of the first time, I immediately fell in love. Maileg’s magical collection includes classic toys and holiday decorations with contemporary touch and a hint of nostalgia. Handmade with love, this timeless, classic children’s toys will be treasured for a lifetime. If you would like to get this little remedy against the post-Christmas blues, simply let a comment of how you are cheering up dark winter days. Happy New Year  !!!



{ customized objects }

By Brit

I love, love, love this style. Wood pallets are just great, there are so many lovely things to create with. And the lamp shade made of an old French egg holder is simply gorgeous.
Photos via boligpluss